Web-Based Tools for Newbie Bloggers: Top 10

Web-Based Tools for Newbie Bloggers: Top 10

If you have started a Blog or thinking to start a blog it is necessary to know about some useful web-based tools and resources that help a new blogger to grow their blog like a pro.

In this article, I am going to share some useful web-based Blogging tools collections for newbie Bloggers. Blogging is a useful way to share your thoughts and excellent marketing process to develop your online business. It gives an opportunity to showcase your product services and a way to promote it via your Blog.

All you need to do is publish blog post consistently about your product or services.

Newbie Bloggers faces many challenges at first of their Blogging journey. Many of them can not understand how to grow their blog like a pro or how much involvement it’s needed. Some of them think blogging is not easy and requires a little bit of technical knowledge. However, it is not too much hard, just you have to be a little versatile.

It is just not enough to write a post and publish it. A number of things you have to take on the mind. Though it is the main part to prepare good content. But also you have to prepare a lot of things to make your post viral or to drive traffic on your website. because without traffic your blog is just invaluable.

All of this task is time-consuming and a little bit hard to do manually. There is a lot of web-based tools available to make your job easy. Use them and make a good SEO friendly post and get the best rank on google.

Web-based tools you need:

Before starting a Blog you need to do research on the best web hosting companies and as well as the suitable blogging niches. It should be reliable, trustworthy and secure for your files. You should choose the web hosting company who gives you a high uptime because your website will be online day and night for your customers’ high-quality service such as schedule server maintenance, updated equipment.

For this, you need to choose the right web hosting company. To choose the right web hosting company you can go to-



In this website you will find all the web hosting provider’s performance report, such as the Uptime duration, Responses time, shared IP and also number of sites that uses the specific web hosting provider.

Uptime History Monitoring makes your job easy to analyze which web hosting provider is perfect for your Blog.



WordPress is the best platform for all types of blogger. It helps bloggers to create their blog beautiful and SEO friendly with a minimum effort. The main features of WordPress are its Plugin section. Where you will get a lot of Plugins for free and also paid.

In WordPress, you will get an unlimited number of free and also paid themes for your website. According to which type of blog or website you want to create.there is an unlimited choice available for you. You can use free themes(there are some limitations in free themes) and as well as paid themes.

there is an unlimited choice available for you. You can use free themes(there are some limitations in free themes) and as well as paid themes.

Blogging with WordPress is so easy and exciting. It offers you freedom of choice and a number of possibilities.

Among 75 million people uses WordPress for their Blog/Website. Some of the big companies also use WordPress for their official website/Blog.

Besides this, you will get support from the WordPress community. This will also help you to solve any technical issue.

3. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

You write a interesting article but that post will not viral on google search engine. This might happen if you neglect the SEO aspect. Every search engine works accordance with their particular algorithm, which determine what search results are available online.

Use Google Keyword planner if you want to improve your rank on google search engine with respect to keyword.

This web-based tools provide you a list of keywords that is popular among the readers of world. Use this keyword in your blog to drive traffic on your blog easily. On this site enter your chosen word, URL or phrases to get list of powerful word or phrases which will help google to discover your blog for that particular word search.

As a result you will get more organic traffic on your blog..

4. Google Analytics

google analytics

In the Google analytics you can get details of your customers using data obtained from google analytics program.It helps you to optimize your blog and increase revenue.

These web-based tools have an advanced option that helps you to analyze what are the current results and what improvement you need to do to achieve the goal. You will get a picture of your business and increase conversion rate.

You will also know about the consumer’s on-site activities and can improve the performance of your blog. It is really helpful for e-commerce sites.

5. CopyScape

copyscape web-based tools

CopyScape is a free plagiarism checker web-based tool. It is very annoying to see your blog post on other website without your permission. CopyScape helps you find if there is any content copied from your blog to another any website.

The advance tool of this website scan web on a regular basis and if it found any copied content on your blog to another any blog it will directly send an email to you.

6. Monsterinsights


New blogger might faces some problems to understand the google analytics results. Monsterinsight is the best option for them.

Basically it is a WordPress plugin that will integrate your google analytics results with your WordPress dashboard. Here you can get all the results of google analytics and and grow your online business as per your choice of improvement.

User will get an embedded google analytics dashboard with all the stats that is required to grow your business.

It provides the stats about your audience such as, number of visitors per day or per hour, their age group and gender, behavior report such as, how they found your blog, etc. and content report such as, which blog post is popular.

7. Grammarly

grammerly web based tools

Grammarly is an excellent tool for bloggers who want to avoid mistakes while writing a blog post. It scans your whole content for grammatical errors, spelling-mistake and also a puntuation mistake and provides the option to correct your writing.

Grammarly can be embedded for other software also like Microsoft office. It is available for free and also paid.

8. Readability Test Tool

readability test tool

This web-based tool helps to improve the readability of your blog post. You should prepare your content keeping in mind your audience and make the content easily digestible for them.

In this web-based tool you can directly put your blog post URL and can see your readability percentage for that particular content. According to that result you may change your content to make it easier for your audience.

Try to write shorter sentences in simple grammatical format. and do not write 2-3 sentences in one paragraph, this will lose the concentration of reading your post.

9. Shutterstock

shutterstock web based tools

Besides your content pictures are more effective for your blog post to make them beautiful and interesting for reading. For this, you can use Shutterstock. Hereyou will get an unlimited choice of beautiful HD pictures for your content. (copyright free)

Using pictures is a good practice in your blog post. Your article will be more digestible for readers if you use pictures between them.

This feature will also helps you to earn a good SEO score on google.

10. Easy Social Share Buttons

Social share button is an easy and affordable way to drive organic traffic on your blog and make a community. This social share plugin helps you to do so in an efficient way.

In this plugin, you will get all the major social networking sites. you can customize it according to your choice. It gives you the flexibility to show the social share buttons where ever you want, as an example, before starting the post or after the post and both.

I think this article will help you a lot if you are about to start a blog or already started a blog. Let me know in the comment section which one of these tools you found effective for your blog.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

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