9 Online Business Ideas: Can Start With WordPress site

9 Online Business Ideas: Can Start With WordPress site

Online Business is a very popular way to make quick money. There are several advantages of online business. Like:

  • It doesn’t need physical infrastructure.
  • No big workforce is needed.
  • Investment is comparatively small.

In online business there comes the tech part. If you are yourself not a brilliant programmer, you will need someone to create a Website / Application for your business. Creating such an application may cost huge if developed on a coding platform or framework.

WordPress can be of great help in this situation. A solution developed on WordPress may cost only a fraction. If you are a moderately technical person, you may learn to work on WordPress yourself or hire a company/freelancer who works on WordPress development. WordPress is a very versatile platform and almost any type of website can be built over it. 

Here is the list of 10 Online Business Ideas you can plan with a WordPress Website :

1. Create a Professional Blog

WordPress is developed for blogging purpose and now it is the most popular platform to start your blog. If you have hobbies like travel, health, finance, technology, etc you can start your own blog.

Professional blogging

Once you have enough traffic on your blog you can put Adsense and other affiliate ads on your website and make it a good source of income. Though it looks trivial, a lot of people are pursuing it as a full-time online business.

2. E-Commerce platform

E-Commerce is hot across the globe. Big names in this industry are Alibaba, Amazon or Indian companies such as Flipkart or Snapdeal. Today many of the businesses are growing online to boost customer reach. WordPress plugin like wooCommerce makes it easy to build your own e-commerce site effortlessly.

ecommerce online business

It provides ready solutions for payments, manages inventory, shipping, taxes, and users interface, etc. to cater to the evolving business needs.

3. Start a Classifieds WebSite

classified website

People have a lot to advertise these days like they want to sell or rent their old stuff etc. You can start a Classified site on WordPress. There are few WordPress plugins and themes available using which you can easily create a Classified website without much technical effort.

4.Job board or job listing websites

There is a market requirement for niche job boards catering to the needs of specific industry or specializations. WordPress tools and plugins provide a simple and easy platform with a mobile interface to create such customized job boards like Naukri, Monster and Times Jobs, etc.

5. Start An Online Store for a Niche Product

online store

In today’s market, there are a lot of stores that offer varieties of product online. But there are a few websites that deal with micro-niches. On WordPress, you can create an Online Store or a blog with a micro niche with just a few clicks and can earn a lot with affiliate marketing.

6. Business Directory

business directory online business

You can make business directories like JustDial, Sulekha. Unlike large players who cover the entire market, there is a specialized need in the market for niche business directories on the web. WordPress plugins offer cutting edge and advanced solutions built on WordPress.

7. Portfolio Websites

portfolio website online business

Are you want to showcase your work? Create a lifestyle, fashion, photography or art-related website, where you can showcase your work and can make money by selling your work. You can easily create a portfolio website with WordPress which is glossy, polished and sleek.

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8. Start An Home Service Booking WebSite

Home Service booking is a good online business prospect in today’s busy lifestyle. Nobody got time to search for a local plumber, electrician, etc and then bang their head with them to get the work done properly. People want to give their work to a professional company where they can book the service and forget.

online service booking

Using WordPress you can create such a website where you can list multiple services you are offering and people can book the service online and also can make the payment online for the service.

9. Coupon Website

With the increase of online e-commerce business, the coupons and deals business is also increasing day by day. It is the right time to dive into it.

With WordPress, you can develop a coupon generation website to earn affiliate commissions from thousands of websites offering special discounts hassle-free.

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