How to Create a Business Email for Free

How to Create a Business Email for Free

Do you want to create a professional business email address for free? you are in the right place. Today in this article I am going to show how to create a business email address ( instead of a normal email address ( for FREE.

we will create a business email in just 5 Steps:

What is business Email address? Why you need it?

A professional business email address has your company name instead of the generic Gmail or yahoo account, for example:

Most beginners use generic free business email accounts without a domain name which isn’t very professional. For example: or

Since anyone can create these generic email accounts, it becomes harder for customers and other businesses to trust such email addresses as legitimate business email accounts.

Below are the top 4 reasons why you need a professional email address for your business:

  • A custom business email address looks more professional.
  • It is also short and easy to remember.
  • A professional business email address helps you earn customer’s trust as a legitimate business.
  • Sending emails with your own business name allows you to promote your brand with each email you send.

The best part is that you can get your own custom business email address for free, which means there is no excuse for not getting it.

If you want your customers and other businesses to take you seriously, then you need to start using a professional business email address, immediately.

Step-1 (login to your domain provider’s website)

Here my domain provider is GODADDY. So, we will directly go to the website of Godaddy and login with the required credentials. Then go to the “My Products” section and you will see all the domain names that you own.

Select the domain in which domain you want to setup business email address.

Step-2 (Create an Email forwarding services)

By creating the email forwarding services we will be able to forward all the emails coming to your business email directly to your Gmail inbox. now to set up email forwarding do to “additional product” section and here you will see the option to Redeem the Email forwarding service. Click on “Redeem”.

redeem business email additional product

Now, Click on “create forward” and popup window will open.

In this section, you have to enter all the details of your business email address. such as the Email address you want to choose for your business (such as ) and the primary Gmail address (such as you want to use for email forwarding and click on “Create”.

create email forwarding

you can see here all the details you have to fill up in this popup form. Here we are telling GoDaddy to forward all the emails coming to “” to my Gmail account “”.

Here you can also enable auto-reply. Whenever anyone emails you on this business email address an auto-generated email will be sent to that person.

you can see our business email has been created.

Step-3 (check if our DNS settings are correct)

In order to ensure that email has been forwarded we need to make sure that our DNS is setup correctly. So check DNS settings click on “Tools” then click on “server settings”.

go to godaddy products

Then a new pop up window will open and here we will see an error message “No MX records were found”. This means the email forward we have created is not in work. So we have fixed this first before moving on the next step.

add MX record to setup business email

So, to fix this error firstly you have to go the DNS settings page. My hosting is on GoDaddy so, I will change the DNS settings there. If you have purchased hosting from a different hosting provider you have to go that hosting provider’s website.

Now next to your Domain name click on “DNS”

setup DNS server

Now we will add MX record in this page. Here click on “ADD” button.

Now here choose “Type” as ‘MX’, “Host” as ‘@’, “Points to” as copy the first text from email forwarding section “correct settings” and paste it, “priority” as ‘0’ and “TTL” as ‘1 Hour’ and click “SAVE”.

Next, add the final entry. Go to “ADD”. Now here choose “Type” as ‘MX’, “Host” as ‘@’, “Points to” as copy the second text from email forwarding section “correct settings” and paste it, “priority” as ’10’ and “TTL” as ‘1 Hour’ and click “SAVE”.

Now go to the email forwarding section, where we have an error message and click refresh. You can see error has been resolved.

setup server name

we are Done! finally our business email has been setup. Now you will receive all the emails send to tour business email to your gmail inbox.

Now if you want to send an email from your business email ( you will need an SMTP server. To get a free SMTP server we have to go to a website SMTP2GO.

Step-4 (setup an account on SMTP2GO)

Now go to google and search for the website and click “try SMTP2GO free”. a sign-up page will open, fill the required details and click on ”Sign up”.

smtp2go website to create business email

An email confirmation will be sent automatically to your email. Just open it and click on “Activate Account”. it will be redirected to your smtp2go account.

setup smtp2go for business email

Now your smtp2go account is ready.

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Step-5 (Add the account to Gmail)

By doing this we will be able to send emails from a business email address using Gmail. So, to add the account to Gmail, go the Gmail account and then go to “settings”. Then go to “accounts & import”.

Then go to the “send mail as section” and click on “add another email address” then a new window will come up.

Here you have to enter the name (when someone receives an email from this account what name will be shown) you can add anything in this place (for me it is blogginginn support). Then in the Email address section, you have to enter the same Email address that you have used at the time of setup the email forwarding service. (For me it is then click on “Next step”.

now in the next window you have to enter the username and password from SMTP2GO. Then go to the smtp2go account and copy the username and password and paste it here.

Final step

Now go to the smtp2go account and click on finish. Now in the User section, you will see all the details of your server. copy the SMTP server details and paste it in the section “SMPT server” on the Gmail settings and set the port to “25” and click “Add account”.

setup smtp

Gmail will send a confirmation code to your Gmail account. just copy it from Gmail inbox and paste it here and click on “verify”.

enter another email

We are DONE!

Now if you go to Gmail settings>accounts & import you will see our business email address has been added. If you want to make it default just click on “Make default”

make default

Now you are able to send Emails from your business email.

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infographics-how to create a business email

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