Write For Us

Blogginginn is a leading blog covering digital PR and content marketing in India.

We are always looking for step-by-step guides and practical tips on different topics related to content marketing, digital PR.

If you want to write on these topics, pitch your idea to us.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Pitches related to content marketing, digital PR, and social media
  • Blog posts with minimum 1100 words (no compromise on word count)
  • Blog posts with proper attribution to data and quotations
  • Blog posts that have at least relevant 2-3 images or screenshots
  • Content that can educate our audience (no generic topics please)

What We Don’t Accept:

  • Posts that are created solely for link building purposes
  • Anything that is too promotional for your company
  • Posts on generic or irrelevant topics
  • Poorly written blog posts
  • Plagiarism

What You Will Get By Writing For Us:

  • You will get a self-promotional backlink in your byline
  • Exposure to our audience
  • We will promote your posts aggressively

we don’t pay or accept any payment for guest posting.

How To Approach Us:

It is very simple to send a pitch to us. Following these steps can help you get accepted:

  • All guest post pitches should be emailed to contact@blogginginn.com
  • Never send the complete article as a pitch.
  • Send us the headline and outlines of your article first for consideration
  • If we like your pitch, we will ask you to write and share the first draft of your article
  • Once your article is published, you cannot publish it elsewhere until 10 days from the date of publication
  • Always mention ‘First Appeared on Blogginginn’ with a link back to the original article at the end when you reproduce the published article

Last but not the least,

Please read our posts and get an idea about what kind of content we publish. We are very particular about the quality of the content on our website.