Grow Your Blog Traffic: 8 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Grow Your Blog Traffic: 8 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

“Increase blog traffic” is the most searched query in google.

Do you ever feel that your blog audience is not increasing?

You are not alone! A number of bloggers are there who have had that feeling.

It is a very serious question that every blogger wants to know. So what you have to do for it?

It is all about a strategy that makes the reader visit your blog and ensuring that those readers keep coming back to your blog in the future.

So, today in this article, I will teach everything you need to know in order to grow your audience faster.

Let’s start!

Increase blog traffic

How to increase your blog traffic faster

In order to get traffic on your blog, you have to increase your reach and try driving as much targeted traffic on your blog as possible. Here some methods are discussed to increase traffic on your blog:

1. Make Your Site Easy to Use

Make your layout easy to understand: You want your audience to quickly and easily understand what you offer. The Best way to analyze your blog is, ask the question yourself if I like my website? If the answer is negative you should need to improve your website.

Provide clear navigation: Make sure your navigation bar contains all the categories and content type you offer. Do not include irrelated things in your navigation bar.

Add a search box: Put your search box somewhere clearly visible. It’s the easiest way for your readers to find the content they want.

Make your blog mobile-friendly: Over 60% of the internet users uses mobile as their primary device. So, mobile-friendliness is now an SEO ranking factors for search engine.

2. Make your blog speedy:

No one loves a slow website. Neither readers nor the search engine. The long loading time of your blog can affect SEO ranking factor and also increase the bounce rate of your blog. So, if you are using cheap hosting, try to upgrade from it.

Tools: Use Pingdom & PageSpeed Insights (by Google) to evaluate your website’s performance.

3. Write extremely detailed content:

You need to satisfy and happy your readers, that they coming back to your blog.

Creating quality content is about more than showcasing your talents, it’s about helping your audience grow, generating new leaders, spreading brand awareness and building your brand perception.

You do that by keeping it fresh. Keeping it interesting.

Here are a few tips to do that:

Telling a story: Everyone loves to read stories. Try to explore your content by telling a story or by giving an exciting example.

Use a conversational tone: write your blog with conversational manner. This will make your reader stick to your content.

Provide a range of content: Try to write your blog in detail with various types of content and information. Like videos, case studies, reviews, list posts, interviews, podcasts, and more personal pieces. 

Find a proper keyword: Finding and applying proper keyword is the most essential step in your blogging journey. The more you use a proper long-tail keyword, your audience will be increased day by day.

For this, you will take the help of some paid or free keyword research tools that are available on the internet.

Keep it original: Always try to keep your blog post original. Do not share any fake news. Google rewards high-quality sites with their own material in their rankings.

Make your headlines constructive: More than 70% of users do not read the content after seeing the headlines over it. So keep in mind to create a catchy blog post titles.

Make conversation with readers: try to keep the conversation going with your readers in the comment box. This will help search engine to find your blog as important.

4. Increase engagement:

Write an easily digestible and clear article. To do that here are some tips:

  • Keep your paragraph short
  • Use subheading
  • Use list
  • Highlight important points
  • Use readable font
  • Integrate pictures
  • Use infographics
  • Use easy to share button
  • Mention popular brand in your blog
  • Adding a call to action
  • Integrating your post to an e-newsletter

5. Optimize content for search engine:

Optimizing your website and their content for search engines is what makes your site easily discoverable by users searching for terms relevant to you.

Here are some tips to boost your search rankings:

Optimize your meta title & meta description: Add important keywords but don’t over-optimize. Your page title should be between 60-70 characters while 155-160 characters for your meta description. You can use the Yoast SEO plugin to make it effortless.

Use keywords in your post title and subheadings: Add your main keywords in your post title. You can start with How to, What is, Review of, How can. For example, you are writing a post on long-tail keywords. Instead of writing the title “Long-tail keyword” you should write “How to research long-tail keyword”

Interlink your posts: Link your new posts to other relevant content or to “top searched” pages. You can take help of Google Analytics to find your top searched posts or pages.

Write descriptive ALT tags to your images: Most social channels and other social sharing tools use your images’ ALT tags as the post title when sharing your post on social media. So always add captivating ALT tags to your images.

Keep your URL short and with keywords: Keep your URL short and simple. Try to insert keywords into it. As an example, if I am writing a blog post on “how to start blogging“, my URL should be or not

Using long-tail keywords: To grow your search traffic use multiple “long-tail keywords” as they are easier to target (because they are less competitive). Read how to search and use the long-tail keyword in detail.

6. Collect Emails:

Other than search traffic it is the most consistent way to get traffic. If you collect emails, whenever you post a new article it will automatically send a notification to your subscribed user. It is a convenient way to get a fixed amount of traffic.

If you do affiliate marketing then it is a way to sell your product by sending emails containing the latest products and offers. It will generate large sales.

So, how do you collect emails? The simplest ways are through page takeovers, interstitials, sliders, and bars. You can use Hello Bar or MailChimp to collect and store your email, which is completely free of cost. In addition to using Hello Bar, you should consider using Thrive Leads, which allows you to offer bonus content.

Sure, this type of email collection takes a bit of time, but it will account for 50% of the emails you collect.

Once you have a list, every time you write, email to your list subscribers letting them know about your latest post. Here is the email template I use:

Subject: Title of your blog post


I just wanted to share with you the latest [Insert your blog name – and make this a link to your post] blog post. Let me know what you think.

[Insert the title of your blog post – and make this a link to your blog post] [Insert the first paragraph from your blog post] [Insert the second paragraph from your blog post] Click to continue [make the “click to continue a link]

[Insert your name].

P.S. [Add a promotional message here]

7. Build a fan base:

Building a fan base is one of the techniques to get traffic. You can start by helping everyone out. You have to respond to each and every comment on your blog to build a fan base.

And when your readers email you, are you should email them back on time. You should care about your readers and do whatever is in your power to help them out. And they will keep coming back.

8. Get networking:

If you want to grow your traffic, it is crucial that you extend your circle. The main thing is to promote yourself.

Benefits you can get from fellow bloggers:

  1. Whenever you or your friend write on something that is relevant to you or him, you can approach him to offer you a link mentioning your blog. The result, the more you get links, the more clicks and it is good for the search engine to rank your post on top.
  2. You can get support for your future projects.
  3. They can help you to promote, share and provide feedback.
  4. They can help to bring new readers to your blog.

So, how can you build networking? Here are some tips to do the same.

Commenting on their blog post: You need to comment on their blog posts. Their followers can see your comment and if your comment is worthy the follower of that blog will visit your blog also.

Guest posting: If you want to draw readers from another blog to your blog, it is necessary to do a guest post on that blog. It’s also likely the post will be shared by the blogger on social media tagging you in it. 

Build a Facebook group: Facebook groups are great for supporting other bloggers from your niche. That could be travel bloggers, beauty bloggers or even just bloggers from your local area. Promote it with a paid ad and watch as the group fills up.

Collaborate with others: Take part in interviews, get featured on podcasts, get a mention in round-up posts, and try to think of any creative ways to build interesting partnerships with complimentary bloggers.

Partner up on events: Become a partner of the event by sponsoring them. It is a great way to build your audience.

Attend blogging conferences: Attend differents of blogging conferences. It will help you to know a lot of successful bloggers and they may help you to grow your blog.

Help other bloggers: By helping other bloggers on their future projects you can earn their attention also. that may help you to increase blog traffic.


Growing your blog is not too hard. you have to work hard and consistently. Now you have got plenty of tactics to grow your blog is the right way. Try these methods you will be surely benefited.

Increase blog traffic

If you have any query don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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