Free WordPress themes Vs Premium WordPress themes

Free WordPress themes Vs Premium WordPress themes

Selecting a WordPress themes for your blog or website is a very difficult task. When there are a lot of Free WordPress themes and Premium WordPress themes are available on the internet.

So, how you decide which one is perfect for you?

Should you choose a free WordPress theme, or buy a premium WordPress theme?

If you are searching for this article or if you are reading this article you might want to start a Blog and thinking about the best blogging niches that help you to grow in 2019.

Most of the newbie bloggers use free WordPress themes. They do not understand why they should invest for a paid/premium WordPress theme.

Many questions still remain:

  • Do you need a premium theme to build a beautiful website?
  • Does a premium theme guarantee that your website will run faster?
  • what are the advantages of premium theme over free theme?
  • Free/Premium which one is right for your blog/website?

Likely, you will find all the answers to all these questions and more below.

Free WordPress themes: Pros & Cons of use

  • Free themes are always an interesting thing for the newbie website owner and ideal for those who are continuously experimenting on the website every now and then.
  • WordPress premium themes required payment and the cost of premium themes is not too cheap. According to the CodeinWp, the average cost of premium themes is about $57.54. Some of the theme sellers do not accept return so if you don’t like the theme you have purchased or the theme is not compatible with your must-have-plugins you have to compromise for that.
Wordpress free themes
  • The themes that are listed on the WordPress official theme directory is free and also officially approved through a multi-step process.
  • Free themes have minimalist design because they do not have a lot of premium features and widgets. If you want to make your website beautiful and want to use different features and plugins, you have to buy a premium theme.
  • Free themes are not fully SEO optimized, that problem you have to face when you will try to optimize your website for SEO and want to rank your website or posts on google.
  • A free WordPress theme has limited features. you will not get total functional features that are required for a professional website.
  • You will not get any feature and security update on free WordPress themes.

The free theme offers no support if there is an issue. You will not be able to find the author or developer of many of the free themes, thus it is difficult to contact them to solve your issue.

Why Premium WordPress themes are better than Free WordPress themes

Free themes are not bad at will find many free themes on WordPress theme directory.

But the major problem is that free themes do not get any updates. Developers uploaded the base version of the theme as”free” then they sell the theme as”Pro”.

Here are some of the reasons that will make you understand why you should invest in a Premium theme.

Support and Updates:

WordPress is continuously changing and updating their technology and policies in every few months. If you are not using a Premium theme, might happen that your theme and plugins will not compatible with new WordPress updates.

When you are using a Paid/Premium theme, it is the responsibility of the developer company to release a new and updated copy of that theme.

In the Free themes you have to wait for a long time to get that update and mostly it is too hard to get an update.

Moreover, in the premium themes, will get free customer support, where you can lodge any issue and they will solve the problem.

If you use a premium theme like “Generate Press“, you will get a lot of tutorials on web, that helps you to create a good website.


In the Premium themes you will get many features that makes your blogging easy.

Premium theme development is a very competitive marketplace. To survive in this market, the developer company always try to add new features and seamless web integrations to make their customer happy.

In the Free WordPress themes you will not get any feature update because, it is free and the the developers are less interested to update it.

In the Free themes if you want to use a feature that is available on premium theme you have to use plugins for that.

SEO Optimization:

In SEO optimization WordPress theme has a great role.

In free WordPress themes you will find many structural bugs and they are not fully SEO optimized.

Moreover,in the Premium theme, the coding is very clear and simple that helps a website to load faster.

If you want faster loading of your website i would recommend to use a premium theme.

Encrypted links:

Most of the developers encrypt the footer and use this for selling purpose. If you are using a free WordPress theme you will see that you can not customize the footer section.

This affect mostly for SEO of your blog.

Final verdict:

If you are new in blogging and don’t want to spend $50, for now, you can go for the free WordPress themes.

But, when your blog gets popular and gets some momentum, I would highly recommend buying a Premium theme.

If you have any query don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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