Best WordPress Hosting- Hostgator Review 2019

Best WordPress Hosting- Hostgator Review 2019

So, we are in the year 2019 and times get counted we want everything fast and reliable. There a number of hosting companies who give their customers a good service and also in very convenient price with 24X7 customer support whether the others are very bad to use and u don’t get hassle-free services from them like Hostgator.

Hostgator Hosting review:

Among the all hosting companies Hostgator is one of the best hosting companies in the world and offers their customers a number of exciting services and also a very good offer in the price segment. If you are planning to buy a hosting to start your blog, you can go through the total article. Here I have explained in detail about the Hostgator hosting services.

An insight into Hostgator:

Hostgator is a Houston-based provider of shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated web hosting company. It is founded on the 23rd of October in Texas, United States. It is one of the biggest hosting provider company in the world and many professional websites are running on this platform. They provide 24X7 customer service with the different countries regional language also and maintain a very good bonding with their customers.

Hostgator Services offered:

They provide all services of web hosting like other companies. Here is a list of their services offered at a glance.

Shared Hosting:

If you want to start a small website and bloggingShared Hosting is the best way. Here, you start with low traffic and can increase your business to a new level of success. In this hosting environment, your website will be in a shareable location with other websites all over the world.

Cloud Hosting:

After starting with SharedHosting, you can move a step ahead and go for Cloud hosting. It helps you in utilizing different cloud servers which will give you access to switch your website to a different server. Such shifting is done in case of any power failure or high traffic generation.

WordPress Hosting:

Hostgator offers an exclusive package which is specially designed for the WordPress website. It is fully optimized and customizable to make a stunning WordPress blog and website and can even protect your site against harmful threats hacking problems.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting:

This is one of the most upgraded forms of Shared hosting. Here, you can use the virtually dedicated hardware as per your needs. Moreover, all the resources will be present in the shared environment.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

If you are running a large and popular business and have tons of traffic each day, you must go for the Dedicated Server Hosting. In this type of hosting, Hostgator will provide service only for your business as per your need. This is needed to give a good flow as service to your audience and for large traffic there this no server issue occurred.

E-Commerce Hosting:

Hostgator also provide the service of hosting if you want to make an e-commerce website and want to generate large revenue from it. Not only that, but Hostgator also provide to access you the cPanel of your hosting where you can manage your website and also customize your database manually.

In the above, you came to know about the services provided by Hostgator now comes the plans offered by the Hostgator.

Hostgator plans:

Here are the detailed plans of service offered by Hostgator.

hostgator pricing


Performance of Hostgator:

The most essential thing for any website is its performance, Better performance, and more traffic. Which will result in higher revenue.

Further, it also has a deep impact on the Google SEO ranking which every user must take into consideration. On the basis of the analysis, even a percent drop in the speed of the website can decrement the conversion rate by 7%. Moving ahead, let us show you the speed test of Hostgator. For testing the transfer speed of Hostgator servers, we used the Load Impact tool for transferring virtual servers to the target site.

After testing, the results came out really great. The server load time remained stable throughout the test. And even the site responded to an absolute level of perfection. After this test, In case you are looking for some serious loading speed timeHostgator can be one of the ideal options for you.

Hostgator’s Customer Support Service:

For any Internet user who has a dream to start their own website, the first consideration is the Customer Support service of the company. Here, it is much important to choose the web hosting company which has excellent customer support.

And the one which can help you in case of emergency situations. Now, in case of Hostgator, they have got a humongous set of a library consisting of articles, guides, and video tutorials. Such essential knowledge can be of great help to the beginners who have just started to host their website.

hostgator customer support

Other than this, a different set of issues can be easily resolved just by calling the customer care support. In rare cases, you will have to talk to an individual for getting additional help to your issue.

Hostgator offers 24×7 customer service support where you have got multiple options for communication. Here, you can talk via chat, phone, and email in your regional language. These things are much helpful whenever you will need help from the technical support staff.

Hostgator Features:

hostgator advantage

Serves Email, Domains, and Backups:

Hostgator has an existence Custom Domain Manager right into the hatch for its customers. This manager helps customers with domain transfers, tracking, purchases, and overall administration procedures.

A collection of infinite email accounts is the need of every website owner. All the shared hosting plans have unlimited email accounts. And, comes along with IMAP, POP3 and spam protection from threats, viruses, and malware.

In terms of Backup mechanism, Every account is backed up daily, monthly, weekly. With this, you can revert your site even after a whole data loss situation.

Industry-Level reputation and Support:

Being a hosting company for decades, Hostgator have mastered themselves in the support department. They understand the importance of their customers and have an all-around 24×7 customer service support. Further, they are/have been building services on open-source technology. This makes it handy for the customers and creates a more user-friendly environment.

Efficient Scroll Across different Products:

As your sites pick up the pace and are generating tons of traffic, you will have to upgrade to a better hosting plan. Hence, with Hostgator, upgrading is a much painless activity where a few clicks can migrate your site to the latest hosting plan. Be it a VPS Hosting or the dedicated One, Hostgator can do it all.

Hostgator has the all-time famous C-panel which contains a custom interface. Here, there are a set of additional tools which can simply amplify your website management experience.

With C-panel you can:·         

  • Handle General Administrative Functions·         
  • Manage Domain·         
  • Setting up Email Accounts·         
  • Access Different Files

Regular Hardware Updates:

The price must never be the only factor while choosing one of the best Hosting Service provider. The Hostgator team provides a series of Hardware Updates each and every time. Such updates increase the performance of your website. With which, the customers can browse at a blazing fast speed.


For the type of service Hostgator offers, its pricing is much more affordable and amazing. While its prices are a bit expensive than other hosting companies, it is still a step ahead.·         

  • Web Hosting-99/month·         
  • Reseller Hosting-1699/month·        
  •  VPS Hosting-1495/month·         
  • WordPress Hosting-249/month

Why Must You Choose Hostgator?

Heavy focus is in the WordPress blogs which is an added plus point for Internet Users. A fully customized cPanel including all the Industry level features. Comes with an Affordable cloud hosting with some great reliability and performance benefits. Fully optimized plans for WordPress.Paid and free SSL Certificates for different eCommerce Websites. Direct as well as Personal customer care support for people in the US. Some great number of add-ons available such as

  • Spam Experts, 
  • G Suite, 
  • SiteLock etc

Hostgator right for my website?

Hostgator is one of the best Hosting company in the world, they have many services and 24X7 customer support in any regional language. In spite of that some lacks are there in their services, now you have to choose what is your purpose. You may choose to host according to your need for service.

hostgator features in india

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