Best Related Posts WordPress Plugin

Best Related Posts WordPress Plugin

In order to decrease the bounce rate of your blog, the simplest way is to help your readers to take action after reading the post. In simple words, it is the way to make your readers stick to your blog by giving them options to read the related posts.

Related post is the best way to make your readers stick to your blog. When a reader finished reading your article, he needs something more to read next.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by adding a related post widget to your post. There are many related post plugins are available in the WordPress plugin library, but in this post, I will tell about two plugins that are awesome and even I also use these in my blog.

These plugins have the accessibility to configure related post sections with or without thumbnail and also you can choose the style of the related post. These plugins also offer monetization options, by which you can make money too.

WordPress plugins to show Automatic Related posts with thumbnail

ShareaHolic plugin:

ShareaHolic related post preview

At the initial stage, the Shareaholic is launched as a social sharing button plugin. After the success of there plugin, they add the related post feature to this. The plugin is too good because the plugin shows the posts related to a particular type of post. Even I also use this plugin in my blog Blogginginn.

Firstly you need to download this plugin from the WordPress Repo and then activate it.

On the WordPress Dashboard you will see the name of this plugin, just click on this and you will be redirected to the settings of this plugin.

shareaholic in wordpress dashboard

Next in the site settings you need to activate the available apps on the plugin for the better performance of your blog. In the analyse section you can see an insight of how your content is performing, who’s sharing it, and through which channels.

shareaholic apps settings

Next, in the prompt section, you will see two options like 1. Post Share Prompt and 2. Cookie Consent Prompt. you have to enable it. that’s all.

To monetize the plugin and to make money from it you just need to enable all the options available in the monetize section. It will create a banner advertisement on your blog. If anyone clicks on it and buys the service you will earn a commission from it.

shareaholic monetization

In the earnings section you can see your earnings. The minimum value to redeem your earnings is $100. To maximize your earning you can share this on different platforms.

To set-up, the related post widget just goes to the App Manager(legacy) in the Shareaholic. Here you will the different options to activate the In-Page Share Buttons.

in page share button

Just customize the share button options as per your choice and save it. Next, on the page, you will get the second option to set-up related post widget.

related post

You can show related posts with thumbnail below posts, pages, category and index page. Every option can be configured manually. You can also customize the look of related posts to match your blog design. You can also exclude certain posts, pages to be shown from the related post. The exclusion feature also supports wildcard, so you can quickly remove any existing category or tag posts to be shown from related posts.

More over, this is a good plugin when you need both the features of social sharing and related posts.

Zementa related posts:

Zementa related post plugin

Another good plugin is a post from Zemanta that allows you to edit posts. By default, it automatically displays related messages, but you can also edit the corresponding messages. You can edit the related content of your most popular posts to make it more relevant to the article. This way you can reduce the bounce rate. The plugin also offers various templates for displaying related posts with thumbnails. So you can choose the one that matches the design of your blog. You can download the free plugin from the WordPress repo.

Many of the premium WordPress themes now come with a built-in feature for displaying related posts along with a thumbnail, but when you use free themes. Such plugins save lives.

I’m still looking for one of these related posts that work with custom message types and can be customized to display related messages only from a specific custom message type.

If you have any query don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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