Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers (2019)

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers (2019)

Blogging is not too hard if you follow proper ways and tools(Google Chrome Extensions).

If you want to grow your blog you have to spend a lot of time on this and effort. There is no alternative for this.

But there are a few ways to do your job easily and much faster.

The best way to that is to find some tools that will help you to make your effort easy.

Today in this article I am going to discuss some Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers. They will help you to save time.

I personally use these Extensions and I recommend to use it. These Extensions help me to save a lot of time.

Let’s start!

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

1. Keywords Everywhere

It is the most useful extension I have ever used. As the name suggests it helps you to research keywords. It shows all the relative keywords with the volume of search, CPC, and competitions at a time without manually enter them.

It works easily with the google data and shows exact data for the keyword you search for, automatic suggestion and related keywords. Here is the result below:

keyword everywhere google chrome extension

It is the perfect tools for bloggers, who always search for low competition keywords. It not only shows the monthly search volume but also you can export the whole data as Excel, CSV and PDF.

This extension is also available for Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Grammarly

No Matter how expert you are writing. There always a tendency to make a mistake when you are writing. So it necessary to check and correct the content yourself.

It is too time-consuming to check all the sentences and make the correction.

To play that role you can take help of Grammarly. It’s a neat extension which evaluates your writing and suggests the changes to make it clear, grammar mistake-free, and impactful.

Here you can see Grammarly highlights your mistakes with the red underline. If you move your cursor on the wrong word you will see the correct suggestion. Just click on the correct word and you will be done.

3. Email Hunter

It is necessary to connect with other bloggers to grow your blog. It will make your blog popular if it is done right.

Finding a real email address from the website is a big challenge. Email Hunter, a google chrome extension can make the task easy for you.

Email Hunter

Here just put the Domin name of the blog that you want to connect. Within a munute, it will show you the related email address of that website/blog.

email hunter fetch email

It is a free tool that helps you find email addresses related to any website. This tool a lot of time and increases the chances of your email reaching the right person.

4. Link Miner

Creating backlink with broken links are a very popular method other than guest posting.

It is too difficult and time-consuming to find broken links on a page or article. Link Miner is the most efficient and simplest extension that helps you to find broken links.

link miner google chrome extension

To use it just add this extension to your google chrome browser. now open any blog article or website and click on the Link Miner icon over chrome. it will show the number of broken links in red color and if you scroll down the page you can see the broken links is highlighted with red color.

5. Google Publisher Toolbar

Google Publisher Toolbar is a simple tool that allows you to view the total summary of your Google Adsense information about all your ads.

Google publisher toolbar

It adds a simple overlay on your ads to display basic information about the ad like Ad Size, Advertiser’s Name, and Display URL.

It also allows you to block ads directly from your website.

6. WhatRuns

There must have been a moment when you get addicted to the design of any website and you want to access the detail of that website.

WhatRuns is a great extension that lets you decode the technologies used by any website. From frameworks to CMS, themes to the font, plugins to programming languages, you name it and it’ll give you information.

what runs google chrome extensions

It works great when you want to know what plugin or language the site is using for that specific function and replicate it.

7. MozBar

If you ever search for SEO, I am sure that you will come to know about It is an SEO provider company. Moz toolbar is the product of

Moz toolbar

Mozbar offers details about the page authority and the domain authority when you search for a website.

Moz toolbar result

It does nothing more except showing the authority of a website. It is also helpful if you are searching for some high authority domain for link building purpose.

8. Save to Pocket

Pocket is another handy tool of google chrome extensions for avid internet readers. The aim is simple, to help you save interesting articles and read it later.

save to pocket tool

It automatically syncs with your devices so you can pick it off from where you left on your smartphone easily. You can also save tweets with a one-click Pocket button.

9. MailTrack

All of us uses WhatsApp and we know about its cool feature- it allows you to see if the recipient has viewed your message or not by showing ticks.

MailTrack does the same for emails. It’s a free extension that lets you track the status of your emails. If the email has been delivered (but not read), then there will be a single tick. As soon as the recipient opens your email, the second tick will also turn green.


Not only that but it also tracks how long ago and how many times your emails have been read, for free. It makes it easier to follow up with people who have already read your emails.


GMass is yet another amazing google chrome extensions every blogger should install right away. It lets you send emails to masses (with personalized information) right from your Gmail dashboard.

You can connect a Google spreadsheet to import data and personalize each of them based on name, email address, or any other available columns in Google Sheets.

Gmass google chrome extensions

Moreover, you can track the opens, clicks, and easily send follow up emails to people who have interacted with your emails in some ways.

It used to be a free service but since the cost of maintenance was higher, they changed it to a subscription-based service. However, you can still send up to 50 emails/day for free.


Chrome is a powerful tool and definitely, a must-have for bloggers. If you’re using Chrome, these best Google Chrome extensions can help you get things done faster and effectively.

I hope these extensions help you save time and make your life easier. Besides these tools, there are a lot of tools available.

If you have any query don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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