10+ Best Blog Niches That Drive More Traffic and Money (2019)

10+ Best Blog Niches That Drive More Traffic and Money (2019)

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Hello, everyone, today in this article I am going to tell some of the best blog niches that can drive more traffic and generate a lot of money. If you are thinking to start a blog in 2019 this article will be very useful for you, so please read the full article.

Why blogging?

Now a days almost every person uses internet and people search solutions of their quarries and problems on Google, Bing or any search engine.

For example, if I search for “best credit cards in India in 2019?” on Google, it will gives me a lot of search results relevant to this topic. Some of them contains good information. After reading this my problem will be solved, and if I apply for a credit card using the link given on that post, the owner of that blog will get some commission.

So, by do blogging you can help people for problems and quarries and in return you can earn money.

So, now if you are planning to start a blog the choice of niche is a very important matter. I always recommend to go for that niche, where you knowledge and you are passionate about.

Do not get influenced by someone who is earning millions from his/her blog. Because that was an era when he/she started his/her blog. As you all know people don’t like to wear old clothes or like old fashion, always like to try new fashion.

Next questions comes in mind, what is a Niche?

Niche means finding a topic that you are going to write on your blog. If you have knowledge on finance and you write on financial topics, thus your blog niche will be finance & banking.

Many people does a big mistake, that they start blogging seeing someone who is popular on a specific niche, but that niche may be not suitable for you my friend. So try to go for that topic where you have much knowledge.

Here is the list of some best blog niches that helps you to choose prefect one:

1. Home Décor:

blogging niches heme decor

If you are passionate about art and craft, it should be best blog niches for you. This niche is comes under craft and decoration ideas.

Today people are very serious and being interested about home décor, especially females. As internet is easily available for most of the areas now many people are showing interest about home décor. If you have unique and creative home decoration ideas you can go for this niche.

You may help people by sharing ideas to decorate their bed room, kitchen, bathroom with some crafty items.

you may also share ideas about best birthday gifts, best anniversary gift, home décor ideas for birthday or anniversary and home décor ideas form waste material etc.

Monetization tips:

  1. If you are good in hand craft you can sell your hand maid crafts like painting, raw stuffs etc.
  2. By affiliate marketing of home decorative products from Amazon, Paperfry and other websites.
  3. By AdSense monetization.

2. Personal Finance

Best blog niches personal finance

Are you talking about money saving or finance or baking? Why don’t you share this with a group of people by starting a blog on finance.

It is a good idea to help others to save their money with a proper investment. Money is loved by everyone, everyone likes to earn money but a few of them hardly knows about the money saving policies.

you can provide different ideas of investment and money saving plans to them.

Monetization tips:

  1. You can generate a lot of revenue by giving banks a lead by referring a huge number of traffics for credit cards, savings account, personal loan, insurance policies because for this banks provides a commission.
  2. Also have a huge opportunity to tie up with financial expert or advisor to provide paid services.
  3. Make a huge commission by affiliate marketing of financial software.
  4. you can sell motivational and financial books and can earn more.
  5. By AdSense monetization.

3. Parenting:

Best blog niches parenting

In this topic you can share tips about parenting, baby care, best baby products and some useful tips that a mother can use to take care of his child.

You can also write about the experience of parenting and motivational article to make her parenting life exciting and more comfortable.

In this niche I would request not to misguide anyone because it ia really a serious topic. So write genuine content.

Monetization tips:

  1. You can sell baby products and parenting guide books by affiliate marketing from any e-commerce website
  2. You can sell own baby products like shampoo, soap, toys and clothes etc.
  3. By AdSense monetization.

4. Political news:

Best blog niches political news

In this topic you can share political as well as Bollywood gossips. If you are interested to chat and talk about politics, this is the best blog niches for you. here you have to generate more content and to promote your blog to get more traffic, and you have to update your blog regularly for the most searchable and breaking news.

Here you get traffic irregularly because when ever any breaking news is available a tons to people will search it in google and your blog will get that traffic.

Monetization tips:

  1. By AdSense monetization.

Here you can only generate revenue by AdSense because the traffic you get here is not your customers or consumers.so to earn more you have to promote your blog to get more traffic.

5. Fitness

Best blog niches weight loss

In today’s world over weight is a big problem and millions of people is trying to be cautious about their over Wight and fitness. So if you have a knowledge about fitness and you mostly talk about weight loss this is best blog niches for you.

Monetization tips:

  1. you can do affiliate marketing of fitness products from any e-commerce website and sell own product also.
  2. Sell motivational books and also fitness related books.
  3. You can also give a paid service to a number of people.
  4. By AdSense monetization.

6. Personal Development:

Best blog niches personal development

It is a common niche for all. Everyone wants to develop their personality and want to looks mature.

If you are good in this niche and you have vast knowledge you can start a blog and can help people to grow their personality and attitude and ca help them for personal development.

Even if you are a good speaker and influencer, you can also try to make video content for YouTube, that will help you to reach a wider audience and generate an extra source of income.

Competition is rising in this industry if you are looking to start, do it now, otherwise, it will be late to rank after your competitor.

Monetization tips:

  1. You can do affiliate marketing by selling motivation books and e-books and personal development books.
  2. you can start paid online classroom.
  3. By AdSense monetization.

7. Travel:

Best blog niches travel

If you loves traveling and loves to talk about travel this will be best blog niches for you.

Everyone loves to travel and discover new places and when ever a person is thinking about travelling he/she search on Google for that place and want to know all information about that place. you can help them by sharing details via your blog.

In this niche you can share your travel experience and also the details of travel journey, like where to visit, how to visit, route map and other information.

Monetization tips:

  1. You can earn money from affiliate marketing of travel equipment , travel books.
  2. Providing them your affiliate link for bus, train and air tickets and hotel booking, from this you can generate maximum profit.
  3. By AdSense monetization.

8. Career tips:

career tips

If you are a teacher or a motivational speaker and you have knowledge about the future career prospective and mostly talk about career upgradation you can choose this niche.

today everyone is serious about their career and mostly all of the students search for better career option. But they do not get right answers to their quarries. You can help them by sharing your opinion about career.

Monetization tips:

  1. You can earn money from affiliate marketing of motivational and career upgradation books and e-books etc.
  2. You can start paid online classes.
  3. By AdSense monetization.

9. Interviews:

Best blog nichesinterview

You can be a successful blogger by doing interviews. How? Let me explain!

Taking interviews of top people in your Niche or Industry, celebrities may change your life forever, yes forever, now some benefits of taking interviews.

  1. If you take interviews, this will help you in networking with those people and help to build quality contacts.
  2. Helps in building your reputation and authority as well.
  3. You will learn insights of those people.
  4. Their contacts will also get to know about you.
  5. Your communication gets stronger.
  6. This will help you to polish your outreaching skills.

Monetization tips:

  1. By selling the top most persons books and speeches.
  2. By AdSense monetization and media.net.

10. Upcoming Events:

upcoming events

If you have ever searched for upcoming events on Google? you will see a limited number of websites or blog are available on internet. This is the perfect niches if you love meet ups , occasions and parties.

you can make a blog on this where you can share information about recent parties, meet ups and events. form this you can also earn a good commission.

As an example, A person attends total 5 events in a month and he/she pay at an average 5000 rs. for this, here you can give an opportunity of monthly subscription of 3000rs. Here you will be benefited for a permanent customer and also that person will be benefited.

This strategy helps you more to gain more customers for long-time.

All you have to do is to tie-up with different brands for their events.

Monetization tips:

  1. By selling tickets of events you can earn commission.
  2. By AdSense monetization.

11. Gift Ideas

 gift ideas

If you have killer ideas of gift this will be best blog niches is for you. Many of the people search on internet for perfect gifts for different occasions like birthdays, anniversary, dating, marriages and also for valentines day. you can share your creative ideas through your blog.

you can also sell your own products on this. like paintings, hand crafted goods, photo frames, customized mugs etc.

Monetization tips:

  1. sell your own products.
  2. By affiliate marketing of gifts from any e-commerce website
  3. By AdSense monetization.

If you have any query don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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